A Place I Wouldn't Rather Be EP

by Blonde Doctor

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Lukas Byrne
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Lukas Byrne Pop-Punk done well, which is a rarity these days. Makes me want to go back to last summer and eat pizza with my friends. Favorite track: Shiver Me Timbers, There Goes Captain Beer Bong.
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My Beef Is Not With You Taste the tears drip to your mouth,
 The hard regrets arriving south,
 Feel the loneliness kicking in.
 Drink the days away so you,
 Don't have to feel a thing or two,
 Hear the rumours closing in. Touch the purities inside,
 Ruin all we've come to trust,
 Let the guilt come flooding in.
 Learn the habits you possess,
 To figure out how you can best,
 Destroy us from the inside. It's not that I don't like you,
 It's just that you don't understand.
 While you're around I can't imagine,
 A place I wouldn't rather be. Keep the promises you make,
 Do the best so you can take,
 All the credit I deserve.
 Keep the bitching to yourself,
 I hope it drowns out all the sound,
 Of everyone else being wrong.
Shiver Me Timbers, There Goes Captain Beer Bong Picking up the glass you don’t know what to do, And everyone else is cheering you on. The noise won’t stop until you’re done, And you can see the bottom. Shiver me timbers, there goes captain beer-bong, Stumbling through town he knocks over the trash. Shiver me timbers, there goes captain beer-bong, He doesn’t care about anyone else. Head in the stall you don’t know how you got here, And you can’t feel a thing. The night won’t end until you stop, And spend the time clearing your head. One more drink he said, Just one more drink. One more drink then I’ll go home.
I can’t stand being home alone, You can’t leave me by myself. I hear whispers coming through the phone, Don’t lie to me but no one else. Can't you see that hiding this from me, Is hurting my mind? You won’t see me coming for you. I am sorry you’ve been lied to. It’s not my fault I swear that its true. Please forgive me, What did I do wrong? Don’t ignore me it’s as cold as stone. What bridges do I mend? What have I done to deserve this from you? I just want it all to end. I can’t sleep, Don’t push me away. Let me try, baby one day. I can’t sleep, Don’t push me away. Let me try, baby one day
Not Pretty Enough Am I not pretty enough? Is my heart too broken? Do I cry too much? Am I too outspoken? Don't I make you laugh? Should I try it harder? Why do you see right through me. I live, I breathe, I let it rain on me. I sleep, I wake, I try hard not to break. I crave, I love, I've waited long enough I try as hard as I can. I laugh, I feel, I make believe it's real. I fall, I freeze, I pray down on my knees. I hope, I stand, I take it like a man. I try as hard as i can.
The Taste Of My Tongue Is Getting More Bitter By The Day I’d give everything up for one more chance, One more chance to prove that we’ll be fine, And stay together. I’ll take everything back I’d apologise, Apologise for not spending the time, Time together. It keeps me up at night, The memories of my favourite night, I couldn’t see a thing but I didn’t mind. It fills my head with joy, The way we used to be, I didn’t know any other way to be happy. It helps me sleep sometimes, To think about what could have been, But its been too long to try again. The days go on and on, Just waiting for the time, To be alone with my thoughts, your head next to mine.


The debut EP from Blonde Doctor


released August 7, 2014

Recorded 2014 at SAE Adelaide
Produced by Blonde Doctor
Engineered by Nik Carr & Alex Fox
Mixed by Nik Carr
Mastered by Michael Carver and Nik Carr
Artwork & Photography by Josh McCawley

Blonde Doctor is:

Nik Carr
Josh McCawley


all rights reserved



Blonde Doctor Adelaide, Australia

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